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About Us

Kisvin Science Inc. was founded in 2015 as a University of Tokyo venture. Initially, it was a small startup that specialized in sap flow sensing systems and provided viticulture consulting services with a focus on science-based agriculture. However, after years of operating solo, Kisvin Science has reached its limits for business sustainability. In July 2022, CEO Nishioka retired and dissolved the company's relationship with its parent company, Vegetalia Inc. The sap flow sensor business was then restarted as a new unit of Agrishot Inc. In December of the same year, Kisvin Science changed its name to Vegetalia Smart Agri, Inc., pivoted its business, and started anew with a new team.
Agrishot offers practical and scientific consulting services across various agricultural fields, including but not limited to viticulture, and provides new sensors and monitoring systems for improved agricultural development.
Nishioka is passionate about viticulture, so they established "Scienceful Viticulture" as a new division. As the Viticulture Director, they have partnered with multiple wineries and vineyards to operate within the winemaking industry.


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CXO Kazuhiro Nishioka 
Developer of the Low Cost Sap Flow Sensor & Plant Scientist.

​ Fortunately, I was influenced by my grandfather who is a farmer and a local agricultural scientist since my childhood. I soon realized that I was following in their footsteps. My agricultural journey started with horticulture 23 years ago, and during my doctoral studies in forest ecology, I began my viticultural research. As a passionate viticulturist with over 18 years of experience in Japan's wine industry, I understand the challenges of growing wine grapes in this rainy environment. But we must find ways to improve our cultivation methods to protect our farms from the impacts of climate change, which is the most significant challenge in the industry. So, I started to research how to tackle these issues by incorporating classic grafting techniques and using sap flow sensors. It may be a long journey, but I am thoroughly enjoying this exciting and fulfilling research experience.
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